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The publications below have been created in part or whole by members of the Funders Forum on Accountable Health research staff.

"Accountable Communities for Health: What We Are Learning from Recent Evaluations." NAM Perspectives Discussion Paper, October 2022.

"Building a Strong Foundation for Public Health Transformation." Editorial in the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, July/August 2022 by Paul Kuehnert, Jeffrey Levi, Corinne Graffunder, and Susan A. Tilgner.   

Intermediary Organizations are Urgently Needed to Assist in Modernizing Public Health and Addressing the Drivers of Health in the United States (PDF). May 2022.

A Framework for Assessing the Racial Equity Impact of the American Rescue Plan Act (PDF). October 2021.

Advancing Equity and Alignment During Implementation of the American Rescue Plan Act - Convening Highlights (PDF). June 2021.

Executive Summary - Advancing Value and Equity (PDF). 2021. Authors: Bill J. Wright, Barbara masters, Janet Heinrich, Jeffrey Levi, and Karen W. Linkins.

Advancing Value and Equity in the Health System: The Case for Accountable Communities for Health (PDF). May 2021. Authors: Bill J. Wright, Barbara Masters, Janet Heinrich, Jeffrey Levi, and Karen W. Linkins.

The Power of Multisector Partnerships to Improve Population Health and Reduce Health Inequities: What We Are Learning About Accountable Communities for Health (PDF). March 2021. 

Advancing and Promoting Community Health: Opportunities for Accountable Communities for Health and Community Health Centers (PDF). January 2021.

Advancing Equity in the Nation's COVID-19 Public Health Response and Recovery Efforts: Options for a New Administration (PDF). January 2021.

Building Equity and Community Accountability into Pandemic Response and Recovery: A Proposal to Create Response and Resilience Accountability Councils (PDF). July 2020.

Developing a Framework to Measure the Health Equity Impact of Accountable Communities for Health (PDF). July 2020.

Promoting Health Equity Through Accountable Communities for Health. Commonwealth Fund Blog by Dora Hughes and Laurie Zephyrin. July 20, 2020. 

Federal Options to Support the ACH Infrastructure (PDF). Funders Forum Issue Brief. April 2020.

Financing the Infrastructure of Accountable Communities for Health is Key to Long-Term Sustainability. Health Affairs article by Dora Hughes and Cindy Mann. April 2020.

Wellness Funds: Flexible Funding to Advance the Health of Communities (PDF). Funders Forum Issue Brief. February 2020.

Local Wellness Funds, September 2019 (PDF). Brief by Georgia Health Policy Center and Funders Forum on Accountable Health. September 2019.

The Power of Convening: Early Lessons from Accountable Communities for Health. GW Health Policy & Management Matters Blog by Clese Erikson, Dora Hughes, Janet Heinrich, Helen Mittmann, and Jeffrey Levi. July 16, 2019.

Developing a Common Framework for Assessing Accountable Communities for Health. Health Affairs Blog by Jeffrey Levi, David D. Fukuzawa, Shao-Chee Sim, Patrick Simpson, Marion Standish, Carolyn Wang Kong, and Anne F. Weiss. October 24, 2018.

Elements of Accountable Communities for Health: A Review of the Literature. (PDF versionNational Academy of Medicine Discussion Paper by Marie Mongeon, Jeffrey Levi, and Janet Heinrich. November 6, 2017.

Funding For Local Public Health: A Renewed Path For Critical Infrastructure. Health Affairs Blog by Jeffrey Levi, and Karen DeSalvo. August 22, 2017.

Hennepin Health: a safety-net accountable care organization for the expanded Medicaid population. Health Affairs Research Article by Shana F. Sandberg, Clese Erikson, Ross Owen, Katherine D. Vickery, Scott T. Shimotsu, Mark Linzer, Nancy A. Garrett, Kimry A. Johnsrud, Dana M. Soderlund, and Jennifer DeCubellis. November 2014.

Meeting Summaries 

Leveraging Accountable Communities for Health to Address Substance Use Disorder (PDF). Substance Use Disorder Convening Summary. September, 2018.

Accountable Communities for Health: A Promising Solution for Addressing Social Determinants of Health (PDF). Western States Convening Summary. November 2018.